1/12 – It’s February

Can you believe it is already February? I know I can’t. When I look back at last month, I am not sure if I made the most out of it. Of course, we went to Paris and all that, but still. Now I think I could’ve done a lot more than I did. So, here’s to a new month! Make the most out of it and enjoy every little moment because time really flies.

Pictures are from Pinterest

I really wanted to create more content in January, but as you can see that didn’t really go as planned. So that is on my list for February. This week I’ll start with taking some pictures of the things I bought in Paris at Chanel/in January. I still haven’t used any of it because I had to take pictures, haha. It’s like taking pictures from your food to post on Instagram (while the food is getting cold), before eating it.

I am also busy with really starting off my own business. And with business I mean creating content and being a make-up artist. I know they are two different things but I’d love to combine the two things I love the most!

I have no idea how I’ll be able to combine these two things, my daytime job and still be there for my family (number 1 of course), but we’ll see. First it is time for me to make something like a business plan, then we’ll see. If you have any ideas, leave a comment of send me a message! A little help is always welcome.


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