Chanel Boutique In Paris – Part 1


So, when I went to Paris the main thing I wanted to do was visit THE Chanel Boutique. I thought I was there, so I went in. I had a couple of things I really wanted to buy but unfortunately the staff told me everything was sold out. Then the guy said there was a bigger shop only 100m away from this one. He told us to try it there since it was bigger. And guess what? It was bigger, better and the boutique I was actually looking for. I was so happy I finally found it and, the other boutique didn’t have the products I wanted. But .. the first boutique was, as you can see, super pretty too (and the ORIGINAL boutique) so I had to take some pictures! It was more cozy but to be honest, the staff at the bigger boutique were so much nicer! They were super helpful, showed me some new and exclusive products and let me try out some things. It was amazing. I was also very lucky that their Christmas decoration was still hanging. It gives the whole building a different, more cozy vibe which I really loved.

It was so amazing to see and try out some products I had never seen before. I know you can get these products for a much better price somewhere else, but the whole experience was priceless. It truly was. I know and I can understand some people really don’t care, but to me this was a dream come true and when I can afford my own Chanel bag, I would be more than happy to spend a little more so I can experience this all over again. This is so much more than just buying a bag, shoes or perfume.

I will show you some more pictures soon. Have you been to a Chanel Boutique, ever?

I wrote a second part about my trip to the Chanel Boutique in Paris.


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