Chanel Summer of Glow Collection 2020

I have no idea if ‘Chanel Summer of Glow Collection 2020’ is the original title of their summer collection but it sums up their new collection.

While I was scrolling through Instagram I came across pictures of their new collection and I immediately wanted to share this with you guys! I am already obsessed with it and I want (almost) everything. I don’t know everything about their new collection, but I will share all the information I could find already.

Chanel Summer of Glow whole picture

So, it’s (as far as I know) their summer 2020 collection with mainly Les Beiges products. This summer will be characterized by a sunny and radiant complexion – at least according to the beauty experts at Chanel who created the new Les Beiges collection called “Summer of Glow” (I guess) . The combination of sunshine, waves and wind in your hair sounds perfect, and it also creates one of the looks I would love to wear all year long (who doesn’t?). Inspired by a relaxed lifestyle at the French Riviera, the collection contains products that can achieve the much-desired glow. The lightweight make up products are inspired by the aura and free spirit of the founder of the house, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, and the line includes eye shadow, nail polishes and lip gloss in a coral shade.

A limited edition “Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder” powder is introduced that gives your skin a gorgeous glow. The light powder contains lightening pigments and a golden shimmer , and the formula is complemented by a moisturizing kalanhoe extract. The powder can be applied on your entire face, but it can also be used for contouring and as a blush. This product will be available in two different shades. 

Chanel Summer of Glow - front page picture

Another product that will give your skin a pretty glow, is the “Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid”. This product emphasizes the natural glow of your skin instantly. Like the entire Les Beiges line, this fluid silky texture is almost imperceptible on your face, blends perfectly with the skin and reveals its natural beauty. It is best to apply it with your fingers to the parts of the face that you want to emphasize, and it can also be used as a base for your make up.

For those who want to look like they have just returned from a holiday in France, the “Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream” is ideal for sunbathing without sun exposure. I have to say I am not sure if this is the original Soleil Tan from Chanel but it looks a lot like it. You can easily apply it with a kabuki brush on your face where you want to bronze, or on your entire face.

The Les Beiges exclusive collection also has a “Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette” eyeshadow palette. This palette has five different shades. The colors are inspired by the Mediterranean coast and can be easily combined with one another to create one full look. It also contains glitter eyeshadows, and brown, coral, beige and gold. This palette will complement any summer make up look . The ideal addition to this neutral color palette is the “Healthy Glow Lip Balm”. This lip balm is a creamy texture with moringa butter and vitamin E that will nourish your lips but also give them a bit of a coral tint.

Last but not least, the collection also has two shades of nail polish – in vibrant orange and coral pink. These nail polishes are presented as a highlight of this summer’s collection. 

I really want to buy the Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid, the color depends on the colors that will come out. And I want to buy the Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder. I am obsessed with anything shiny and bronzy so this will be the perfect combination. I really can’t wait for his collection to come out!

All products from the Les Beiges Summer Glow Collection will be available for purchase from April/May in the Chanel Boutiques/counters.

What do you think of this collection?
What are your favorite products?

Please note that none of these pictures as well as the information is/are mine. They all belong to Chanel so all rights go to Chanel.


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