Hair Updo For NYE

I almost never wear my hair in a updo, but when I do want it to look classy and chic. Whenever I am home I prefer to wear my hair in a knot or ponytail, to make sure Layla won’t pull my hair (I know, it’s a phase .. or I hope at least ghehe). But when I go out, I want it to look a little more done but I don’t want it to take too much effort.

That’s when I found this updo. It looks so cute and I thought it would be perfect to share with you for the upcoming holidays. This picture isn’t mine, I found it on Pinterest, but it fits my feed perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a cute hairstyle for New Year’s Eve, you should give this one a go! You’ll only need a cute ribbon (I love this ribbon, you will get one when you buy a Chanel product in one of their boutiques) and some hairspray!

Have a lovely evening.


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