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A couple of years ago I lived in Amsterdam with Danny and I worked for Westwing Home & Living NL. Besides beauty I think interior is 1 of my biggest passions. Like I said, You can switch up a couple of little things in your interior and you can create a whole different vibe at home. Have you already read my latest post about my collaboration with DESENIO? If not, go check it out now here. I also shared a great (new) discount code (DSELKES10). So you can shop a little longer, until the 12th of April, while enjoying 10% off! For more information go check out my latest post. Oh, and thank you for your lovely messages about the picture I took from the Peytil line art poster! I hope you all enjoy the posters you bought already (especially my little sister!). Let me know if you bought anything and send me some pictures! I would love to know and see your beautiful posters.🤍

Interior inspo.
These pictures are from Pinterest.

Okay, enough about Desenio. Have you been on Pinterest/Instagram/TikTok (mmm I don’t TikTok but oh well) lately? If not, go check it out now and I am sure you will see a couple of posts about Dalgona Coffee. I have to admit, I have no idea why this whole new trend started but I love seeing all the pictures! Maybe I should give it a try this weekend? Although I really don’t like coffee, but the pictures look so, so cute! Everything for the perfect picture, right? Hmmm .. I will think about it, ghehe.

While we’re all staying at home these days, I wonder what ya’ll are doing! I have to admit that it is hard to get up in the morning somedays but I also love spending time with Layla!

For now stay safe and healthy. 🤍


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