January To Do List

Normally I don’t really make plans for the upcoming month. Danny and I come up with some ideas to do the day before or the same day. But in January it will be a little different. I already have some dates marked in my agenda and a couple of things I really want to do in January.

  • The first and maybe the most important/exciting thing is going to Paris! The first weekend of January Danny, Layla and I will visit Paris (if you don’t know by now).
  • I really want to visit the Chanel Boutique in Paris and in Antwerp and stop by the Flagship Store.
  • The new Season of You is finally on Netflix! Maybe that’s something I will binge-watch in December ..
  • Plan Layla’s first birthday. I really want to organize a cake smash. Time to think about the decoration.
  • Finally finish up my new website. Hopefully everything will be finalized in January. I already can’t wait!
  • Enjoy my week off. I will have vacation the first week of January so I really can’t wait to spend some quality time with Layla.
  • Danny and I will enjoy some time together while having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
  • Hopefully start with more freelance work. I just finished beauty school and I am still practicing my skills but I really want to start working for myself a bit more.

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