Le Volume Stretch De Chanel + link to free sample

Chanel has been releasing so many new (beauty) products lately and I love it! As I mentioned they will come out with their summer “Les Beiges” collection and I already can’t wait.
Not too long ago they came out with a new mascara. I love(d) their Le Volume mascara but when they came out with the Le Volume Revolution mascara a couple of years ago, I was obsessed. It has a patented 3D-printed brush which was the first 3D mascara brush ever made. I still love both mascaras but Chanel recently came out with the Le Volume Stretch. The name already says it, it is a ‘newer’ version of their Le Volume mascara. Although I was obsessed with their revolution mascara, this one will be my new favorite!

What they say on their website:

A stretch formula combined with a 3D-printed brush, entirely hollow for maximum flexibility, which coats and stretches lashes to infinity.
The bristles of the brush form a spiral with spikes that catch, roll and lengthen lashes.
With its jojoba extracts and a flexible latex-type film, the stretch formula lengthens and stretches lashes to infinity for an unparalleled eye-opening effect and controlled volume.

To get the most out of this mascara, you should use it like this:
Place the brush at the roots of the lashes and rotate the wrist to roll and stretch lashes outwards.

I wasn’t used to applying my mascara this way so it was something I had to get used to. But once you know how it works, you’ll see it really is the best way to apply your mascara with this brush. I have found my new favorite mascara! Have you already tried this new mascara? And what is your favorite mascara?

P.S. I have something really, really nice for you! If you click here, you will be redirected to a website where you can get your own free sample of this new mascara and their Le Demaquillant Yeux Intense! I know this is a link for my Dutch readers, but if you go to Chanel you might get a sample in your region too. The link will be stated on the beauty front page. Let me know what you think!


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