Merry Christmas!

First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope you had a lovely Christmas Eve.
The past few weeks have been super hectic. I am busy launching my new website, creating looks for my portfolio, I finished beauty school and I started a new job. But I am the most proud of my little baby, Layla who’s 9 months already! Time really flies. I can’t believe she will turn 1 in March ..

So before I can completely launch my new website, I will have to create around 20 posts to make sure the front page looks super pretty. That’s what I will do in the upcoming weeks, before I can officially launch my new website’s lay-out.

Of course the picture shown above isn’t mine. This picture was taking last year in Paris, when Dior created a beautiful Christmas tree for their boutique. Unfortunately they are renovating their shop this year so you won’t see pretty decorations this time. Hopefully next year!

For now, have your best Christmas ever!


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