What is the name of your dog and how did you come up with that name? – Our dog is called Beer (in English it’s Bear). It was a 4-hour long drive to pick Bear up from where we got him and on our way back we were discussing names for him. We were pretty quick with the name Bear because Danny said ‘He looks like a bear!’. At that moment we were like ‘why don’t we call him Bear?’. I think Bear is a pretty standard name but I love it either way because he does look like a little Bear! So yeah, that’s the story behind his name haha.

What breed is your dog? – Bear is a full Pomeranian and has a pedigree. He was born in White Russia and came to the Netherlands when he was 3-4 months old. So we didn’t get him as a real puppy. We’ve had him since he was 5-6 months so he was still a little puppy in his ‘ugly stage’ to us. Bear was born in August in 2016.

Can he do tricks? – Yes! He can sit, give a paw, lay down. stand up, give kisses on command and give a high five! Now we are trying to teach him to pretend that he’s dead, haha. I always think it’s so cool when I see people doing that with their dog. It takes time but I am sure he can do it in a couple of weeks/months.

How do you maintain his fur? – We don’t do anything special, really .. We do have a lot of sprays, shampoos (Oh My Dog!) and stuff like that but we almost never use it. I will write a post with all his essentials in another post 🙂 We only brush his fur REALLY good at least once a month and we wash his fur once every 2-3 weeks, sometimes a bit more. Depends if we went to the woods and what the weather is like.

What is your favourite characteristic of your dog? – Definitely his smile! He smiles all the time. When he doesn’t smile we know there’s something wrong, haha. He is also very curious and smart. He wants to know what we are doing all the time. This can sometimes be annoying but super cute at the same time. Oh and .. When we give him a treat he starts peeping. He just doesn’t know what to do with it but he is super happy at the same time. It is so cute and funny! He just peeps and sometimes starts to snore as well, haha. We didn’t know what he was doing the first time but now it’s so funny.

What is your least favourite characteristic of your dog? – A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach when another dog attacked Bear out of nowhere. was so scared, and so were we. We thought the other dog bit Bear but luckily this was not the case. He was just in shock and scared. We were so scared his personality would change completely. The only thing that has changed since then is that he can be mean to other dogs. Probably to defend himself because he doesn’t do anything only defend. I don’t think he has a characteristic I don’t like but this is my least favourite one.

What is his favourite toy? – Number 1 is definitely a tennis ball! Number 2 is probably a cuddly toy from Ikea. This toy wasn’t specially made for dogs, it was actually a cuddly toy for kids but we thought the size was perfect for Bear. We have so many toys for him (we even have a special basket where we keep all his toys because he has SO many!) but he always goes back to the Ikea Mouse, haha.

Tell a funny story where he stars in. – I have so many funny stories because he is an absolute clown sometimes, haha. The first time we travelled by train with Bear was the absolute worst. We were sitting in a c when out of nowhere Bear farted. It smelled so bad and Danny and I felt so ashamed. There were people leaving the compartment because the smell was so bad, haha. So when we got back home we did some research on his food and we figured out it was the food that made him fart, haha. So we changed his food and luckily this was the first and (until now) last time it happened haha. Now everytime that we travel by train we take (dog) perfume with us to make sure it won’t happen again!

Do you ever regret getting a dog? – NEVER. Danny and I really wanted a dog but the dog we wanted, a Berger Blanc Suisse, is impossible to have in an apartment in Amsterdam. After a shopping trip to de Bijenkorf (a huge warehouse in Amsterdam) I fell in love with a Pomeranian I saw there. I already knew this breed but I never thought about it because Danny didn’t want a small dog. After a couple of weeks, Danny showed me a picture of Bear as a puppy (yes, HE came with the idea!). I fell in love with his cute, little face. We sent the guy a message and 1 day later we went to Friesland to pick him up. Bear is the best thing that ever happened to us (until now) We are still super happy with him. He stole our hearts and will forever be part of our little family.♡


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