Off The Map – Again

Source: Tumblr

So many exciting things are happening this year. I feel it, I know it and I can’t wait! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much but hopefully, in April I can ♡ Right now I am working hard to get my website up and running again. I thought Nouw was it for me but after a couple of weeks, I was done with it already. A shame because I really loved my layout at that time. But after all, it all fell into place because at the end this layout is a better match with my plans later this year. Excited, excited, excited! If you’ve gone through my website you may already know what it is but that’s all I can say for now. In the upcoming weeks, everything will probably be a bit more clear. I am figuring everything out to make my blog look perfect and just the way I want it to look. I’ll probably make some changes later this year but like I said, it will all be clear in the end.

How have you guys been so far?


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