Spring is here

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When I think of Spring, I think of going outside, go for a long walk, visit different cities and go to the best restaurants or just sit outside and enjoy the sun. I never thought I had to spend the very first weeks of Spring inside my home. I think no one expected this to happen really. So let’s just make the best of it and redecorate our home, start a home study or do something you love doing but never take the time to do it such as painting.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen a post about my collaboration with Ideal Of Sweden. I know I post the same pictures on both my Instagram accounts but it was only this time or sometimes when I work together with a brand to target a bigger audience.
I do have to say that I only collaborate with brands I truly love. So it is a coincidence that these two collaborations are so close to each other (Desenio and Ideal of Sweden).


So as you might know, iDeal Of Sweden is a Swedish lifestyle brand who sells very popular phone accessoires. I think almost everyone who is on Instagram has heard of this brand. They’ve done collaborations with influencers such as Negin Mirsalehi, Leonie Hanne, Hannalicious, NA-KD (the brand), Kenzas, Debi Flugge and many more. So you can tell it’s a very popular brand. Every time I look for a new phone case, iDeal of Sweden is the first one that comes up my mind.

So you can imagine I was super happy I got the opportunity to work together with them! I got a Qi charger and a matching phone case. A Qi charger is a wireless charger for your phone. It looks super cute on your night stand and it works amazing. This charger is probably something I would’ve never bought when walking around in a store. But now that I have one, I really never want to go back. It is def’ something I never thought I needed.

If you want to buy one yourself (or one of their new water bottles or phone cases) you can use my discount code ‘ID15-87293’ to get 15% off of your next purchase. Click here to go to their website. Happy shopping!


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