Things I want to do in March

I don’t really have anything big planned in March, other than that it’s Layla’s first birthday. I really can not believe she will turn 1 year in a couple of weeks .. But besides celebrating her birthday I have some other things I really want to do in March.

Almost all these pictures are from @lilysloanes Instagram. She has by far one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Her feed is so aesthetic.
  • Clean out my closet. I think, after 1 year, it’s really necessary to throw at all my maternity clothes (I don’t even know why I still have them) and replace them with new clothes I bought.
  • Clean out my beauty/hair drawer. I own a lot of products and I sometimes use these products once and then never use them again. I will either throw these products away or use some of them until they’re empty.
  • Go to the gym more often. After my pregnancy I think I went to the gym 4 or 5 times (in one year!) so it’s time to go back to a more strict schedule and get rid of the rest of the baby weight. Of course I had my reasons to slow it down and take the time for my body to heal and give myself enough time to feel more confident. But I think now is the right time to do something about the baby weight.
  • Make a final set-up for my Instagram page and start posting more pictures. First I am probably going to upload some pictures from Pinterest and ‘old’ pictures I took myself to fill up the first few lines. After that I will take and post more pictures I made myself. Maybe I will delete the ‘Pinterest’ photos after some time but we’ll see. I still need more inspiration..
  • Color my hair. I think it’s time to switch things up and color my hair a little darker. I’ve always wanted to do this but I am still unsure if I can get used to another hair color, ghehe. So this will be a ‘maybe’ for now and we’ll see.
  • Finally finish up my website. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks now but I couldn’t really find the time to do so. Hopefully this month I will finally finish up my website.

There a probably some other things I want to do in March but for now this is all I can think of.


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