WCW: Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah Ashcroft is probably my favorite influencer. Her Instagram feed is stunning and her youtube videos are addicting. I, of course, have other favorites but I thought I should mention her here on my blog since I’ve been watching her videos non-stop lately. Especially when I’m sitting at home, doing nothing at all or sleeping since I am so, so tired from this pregnancy. I completely underestimated this I think. But .. we cannot wait to welcome her in 5 weeks! Time flies, finally haha. 

I am almost going on maternity leave (3 days to go!) so I have plenty of time to catch on all of Sarah’s videos. 

Any suggestions on how to ‘get through’ my maternity leave? Any great series of movies I should watch? All suggestions are more than welcome! 

Besides her amazing make-up skills, she also has her own clothing range with inthestyle.com. It’s a shame I cannot wear her clothing right now, but hopefully this summer/winter I can wear my own clothes again haha. 

For now I’ll just go through her Instagram, watch her videos and prepare myself on giving birth to our little girl. As far as you can prepare yourself for something like that .. 

Wish me luck..✫


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